calligraphy | watercolour | design

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I aim to create beauty that ignites the fire of inspiration in others, the way that beautiful things inspire me.

I am devoted to finding beauty wherever I go and inspiring movement of these emotions for others through my work.


our mission is to help newly engaged brides create a bespoke wedding experience that perfectly expresses the vision they have for their big day



meet the designer

Hi! I’m amalia.

I am a calligrapher, artist, graphic designer, beauty junkie, and INFJ

I love to create. Some of my favourite tools are a pointed pen, watercolours, adobe illustrator, and an eyeshadow palette.

I also love to move! Health and fitness are another passion of mine.

My design style combines organic textures, forms and colours, with femininity, modernity and minimalism.

My creativity is inspired by beauty in nature